About us

About the Ambiente Global:

Our goal is to offer a bespoke service to companies and research institutes that complies with environmental legislation.

Brazilian environmental legislation is complex, and therefore understanding it and complying with it can be a challenge for users.

Ambiente Global offers its clients effective solutions for their businesses, through actions committed to sustainability and compliance with legislation.

We are known for the quality of the services we offer, for our ethics, and our compliance with legislation and deadlines.

Founding partner:

Lilian Massini Mozini

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from PUC – SP and a Master’s in Public Administration and Management from the University of Aveiro (Portugal), specialising in sustainable development economy. She has worked in the environmental field since 2005, and has carried out analyses and surveys on environmental legislation, particularly regarding access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, governmental incentives to create protected areas, biodiversity, economical values and business environmental responsibility. As a founding partner of Ambiente Global, she has researched and studied environmental legislation, access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, the policy shaping of benefit sharing, drafts for environmental contracts, legal opinions and risk analyses of companies’ activities regarding waste policies and biodiversity legislation. She has also worked with federal public administration agencies, including CGEN, IBAMA and CNPq, to access genetic heritage, negotiate benefit-sharing contracts in local communities, and invest the money for sustainable development projects.

Our mission:

Provide services in the environmental and biodiversity areas promoting legal compliance, through an ethical service and with respect to clients.

Our vision:

To be a reference in the provision of services in the environmental and biodiversity areas, being recognized for the quality of services, ethics, efficiency and respect to the legislation.



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