Strategies for the use of genetic resources:

Compliance with the Brazilian Biodiversity Law and benefit-sharing projects.

Legislation 13.123/2015 sets rules of the use of and access to Brazilian biodiversity and traditional knowledge systems regarding cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, raw materials, cleaning and food products.

To assist companies that develop products based on national biodiversity, Ambiente Global can:

  • Develop legal, regulatory and communication strategies to comply with Brazilian legislation
  • Legally represent companies located outside Brazil for environmental agencies
  • Register R&D activities and shipments, provide product notification and draw up Benefit Sharing agreements
  • Develop, negotiate and manage non-monetary Benefit Sharing Projects in traditional communities and rural families
  • Develop supply chains for socio-environmental projects
  • Undertake bibliographical surveys on biodiversity
  • Empower teams and develop teaching materials

Environmental Management:

Ambiente Global offers several approaches to fully comply with environmental legislation, including the certification of voluntary standards such as ISO and OHAS:

  • Identification of the legal requirements applicable to business activities
  • Evidence-based compliance with legal requirements
  • Environmental policy creation
  • Identification of environmental aspects and impacts
  • Development and support of goals and targets in relevant areas
  • Development and support of environmental programmes
  • Internal audits and follow-up to certification audits
  • Environmental, health and occupational safety assessments

Training courses:

Ambiente Global acts within companies and universities to increase awareness of legislation on genetic resources and other environmental issues for employees:

  • Creation of environmental communication materials, training courses and brochures
  • In-company courses and talks
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